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The place-name Weighton, of which there are two near Hull, is pronounced with a long '-e-' as its first vowel: 'WEE-t'n', IPA: /ˈwiː tən/. (Don't be deceived by the similarity of its first syllable to the verb 'weigh' and noun 'weight', which have the vowel of 'way', /eɪ/.)

Market Weighton is about half-way between Hull and York. It was called wicstun ('farmstead by a Roman site') in Domesday Book. It was granted a charter to hold a market in 1251, but the prefix 'Market' was only adopted in the 19th century.
Little Weighton, a smaller village west of Skidby, was widetone in Domesday Book. This is cognate with Weeton, a commoner form, and means 'farmstead where willow-trees grow' (Mills, 2011).