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The 'fifteen is the familiar name given, originally mostly by sympathizers, to the Jacobite rising of 1715-6, starting in the Scottish highlands in favour of the exiled Stuart dynasty. There were two important Jacobite risings in the 18th century, threatening the possibility of the restoration of the Stuart dynasty, of which the 'fifteen was the first: the second was the 'Forty-Five, of 1745-6, under 'Bonny Prince Charlie.

Those who are not sympathizers call The 'fifteen the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715-6. It was led by the Earl of Mar, representing the 'Old Pretender'. Two forces were formed, of which one entered England, getting as far as Preston, where it was defeated in November 1715. The other, which remained in Scotland, fought an indecisive battle at Sheriffmuir (1715), following which James slipped away to France in February 1716; the Rising fizzled away into nothing, the Hanoverian government imposing much less draconian penalties than the response to the later defeat. Fifteen may be written as '15. If it is written as words, it may be marked with different capitalization.

A Jacobite who had joined Prince James' army was said to have been "out in the Fifteen"; his son might later be "out in the 'Forty-five".
The Fifteen is a term also used, mostly perhaps in public schools, for the First (or senior, or best) team representing the institution at Rugby football. This is traditionally abbreviated or symbolized as The XV.