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Don't confuse the (very similar) names Alexandra and Alexandria. In traditional use, one is a forename and the other the named of a place. Increasingly, however, both are being used as forenames, especially in the United States.

  • Alexandra is traditionally a female forename, the equivalent of the male Alexander. For slightly more, see Alex.
  • Alexandria was originally the name of the city founded by Alexander the Great in 331 or 332 BCE in Egypt, where it is to this day the second largest city and largest port. Settlements in many other countries, such as Scotland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Romania, South Africa and the USA (wikipedia lists 34 examples in 2019, [[1]]) have since been given the same name, some in homage to the Egyptian original, and many because they were founded by men with the forename Alexander or belonging to families surnamed Alexander.
    • In recent times, more and more parents have named daughters Alexandria rather than Alexandra. Be careful in addressing women with [one of] these names that you choose the right one.