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This is a 'working page', to hold the raw Main List of Bridges homophones. As the articles on each homophone are written, they will be added to the effective category category:Bridges I; the entry in this list will then be deleted.

idol - idle - idyll

aisle - isle - I'll

our - hour

bark (dog, tree, boat)

balm - barm

bite - bight

bound (leap, limit, inflection)

bank (ground, money)

baron - barren

barrow ([wheel-, hill)

bat (club, mammal)

batter (verb, noun [x 2]

bustle (hurry, dress)

but - butt (tub, verb)

buck (various roots and senses)

base - bass

bate - bait

beck (and nod; brook)

bell - belle

berry - bury

bear (noun & verb) - bare (adjective & verb

berth - birth

bee - be

beat - beet

beetle (insect, hammer)

beach - beech

beer - bier

blow (stroke, wind)

brau - bow

bogy - bogie

bole - bowl

bolt (weapon, sift, run)

bore (perforate, tidal, inflection); boar

ball - bawl

born - borne

boy - buoy

boil (noun, verb)

box (tree, receptacle, verb)

bray (donkey, pound) - brae

break - brake (fern, carriages "bis"? )

braze (solder, brazen) - braise - braes

breach - breech

breeze (wind, a fly, cinders)

broach - brooch

hew - hue

die (verb, cast), dye

down (dune, fluff, adverb)

doubt - dout

dam ( mother, obstruction) - damn

duck (bird, dear, stuff, verb)

dun (colour, importune) - done

date (fruit, calendar)

dean - dene

deer - dear

desert - dessert

dew - due

doe - dough

dock (plant, basin, shear)

drill (sow, bore, train)

drupe - droop

jar (vase, discord)

jamb - jam

jet (mineral, squirt)

gin (drink, trap) - djinn

there - their

the - thee

eh! - aye (ever)

ale - ail

eight - ait/eyot - ate (eat)

egg (noun, incite)

elder (tree, senior)

air - heir - ere - e'er

airship - heirship

aery - airy

earn - urn - erne (eagle)

alight (adj, verb)

ascent - assent

foul - fowl

fallow (untilled, colour)

fane - feign - fain

faint - feint

fast (eccles., adj. various)

fate - fête

fell (fierce, skin, hill, inflect fall)

fellow - felloe

ferule - ferrule

fair - fare (x 2) - phare

fir - fur

feet - feat (n.) - feat (adj., obscure)

filter - philtre

fit (befit, conflict) - fytte [obs.]

flag (vb, ensign, plant, -stone)

flee - flea

flow - floe

flock (herd, of wool)

flue (chimney, velu [???]) - flew

fluke (fish, anchor, slang [?~lucky chance?])

fold (wrap, of sheep) - foaled

foil ( noun, verb, fencer's)

fray (ravel, combat)

fret (eat away, adorn, of a lute)

freeze - frieze (architectural, cloth) - frees (inflect)

gamble - gambol

gum (resin, teeth)

gird (encircle, revile)

glare - glair (white of egg), + glary - glairy

gore (pierce, triangle, blood)

groin - groyne

great - grate (n., v.)

heart - hart

high - hie

hide (v., skin) - hied

hack (hew, hackney)

hamper (basket, impede)

hail! - hail - hale (adj., haul)

helm (of ship, helmet)

hair - hare

heal - heel - he'll

here - hear

hole - whole, + holy - wholly - holey

home - holm

hoard - horde

hawk (bird, hawker, "hoquet" [?spit? ?hiccough?])

hall - haul

halt (v., adj.)

horse - hoarse

hock (of horse, wine)

hop (jump, plant)

hew - hue

Humorous - humerus

even (noun. adj.)

ear ([?]hearing, plough, corn)

yoke - yolk

yew - ewe - you

ure - ewer - your

card (noun, verb [textiles])

cask - casque

cast - caste

cart - carte - quart (cards and fencing)

count (noun, verb)

counter (opp., in shop, in games)

couch (''coucher, grass [???])

caddy (lad, box)

can (noun, verb)

curry (food, comb)

colonel - kernel

cape (dress, headland)

caper (skip, plant)

case (event, receptacle)

cashier (noun, verb)

keen (verb, adjective)

climb - clime

cleek - clique

coal - cole

cope ('noun, verb)

core - corps - caw

coat - cote

cork - caulk

call - caul

corn (grain, horny growth)

coarse - course - corse

cobble (patch, boat, -stones)

cock (noun, verb; hay)

cockle (verb, nouns various)

creak - creek

cricket (insect, game)

cruel - crewel

crews - cruise - cruse

coombe (valley) - coom (dry measure)

quiver (noun, verb)

queen - quean

last (adj, vb, n)

lye - lie (noun, verb)

lyre - liar

lichen - liken

light (noun, not heavy)


lack - lac - lakh

lap (lick up, fold, knees [?])

lay (noun bis, verb)

lake (pond, colour)

let (allow, lease, hinder obd.)

lea - lea

leaf - lief

league (noun) - league (verb, noun)

leak - leek

lean (verb, adj.)

leech (sucker & doctor, of sail)

leave (quit, permit)

limp (adj, vb)

link (chain, torch); also golf-links

liver (organ, one who lives)

lo! - low (adj, cow)

load - lode - lowed

loan - lone

lock (of door, of hair) - loch [!])

long (adj, vb)

lorn - lawn

mast (of ship, beech mast)

march (step, boundary) - March

mine (noun, poss pn)

mite - might (noun, verb)

mitre (head-dress, carpentry)

mass (quantity, office)

match (equal, mèche [wick])

muff (dress, a stupid)

may (maid, obs; verb) - May

male - mail (coat of, post)

mane - main

mace (staff, spice)

mare - mayor

meed - mead (meadow, drink)

mean (intends, intermediate, poor) - mien

mere (pool, adj)

mint (herb, coining)

miss - Miss

mew (cage, bird, of cat)

mute (adj, of birds)

muse (think) - Muse - mews (stable, plural of mew)

moat - mote

mow (various senses) - mot (French)

mole (animal, skin, breakwater)

mould (model, earth, rust)

maul (disfigure) - Mall (place) - mahl (stick)

morn - mourn (and morning - mourning)

moor (country) - Moor (race)

night - knight

none - nun

need - knead - knee'd

neat (noun, adjective)

no - lnow

not - knot

oar - ore - or - o'er - awe

all - awl - orle (heraldry)

ought (zero, verb) - ort (obs)

par - pas (faux)

pie (bird, dish)

pale (stake, pallid) - pail

pile (heap, stake, hair)

pine (verb, tree)

pound (weight, enclosure, bruise)

pounce (verb, pumice)

paten - patten - pattern

pulse (beat, pease)

punch (strike, drink) - Punch (Judy)

page (paper, boy)

pane - pain

peck (measure, verb)

pelt (throw, skin)

pen (writing, inclose [sic])

pair - pare - pear

pearl - purl (flow, knit)

pique - peak (peek)

peal - peel [x2]

peep (look, chirp)

peace - piece

peach (fruit, [im]peach)

peer (look, noun) - pier

pill (ball, pill[age])

pink (flower, colour, pierce)

pip (seed, disease (of birds), on cards) [Philip]

pitch (noun, to fall &c)

plight (pledge, 'sad plight') - plight or plite (plait)

plat (of ground) - plait

plum - plumb

plump (adj, fall heavily)

plot (of ground, stratagem, + verbs)

pole - poll

poach (eggs, steal game)

potter (noun, vb)

pall ( verb, cloak) - pawl (mechanics) [- Paul - Paull]

pry (inquisitive, p. open)

prise - prize

pray - prey

prune (fruit, verb)

rye [common n, proper n.] - wry

rime - rhyme

rabbit - rabbet (carpentry)

rally (assembly, raillery)

rank (substantive [+ vb], rancid)

rap - wrap

ras (noun, verb)

rum (queer, drink) rhumb ("naut.")

rung (noun, past pp) - wrung

rush (noun, verb)

rape (seed, ravish, divsn of county, obs)

race (family, root, that is run)

rate (proportion, to chide)

rut (furrow, of animals)

rake (tool, prodigal, of a ship)

rail (fence, chide, bird)

rent (payment, noun 'tear', inflection of rend)

rest (repose, remainder) - wrest

reed - read

reel (highland, cotton)

reach - retch [?]

reave - reeve (nautical, bailiff (obs))

rifle (ransack, groove)

rear (raise, arriere)

rig (of ship, prank (riggish), of barley)

rick (of corn) - rick/wrick (strain)

ring - wring

repair (mend, resort)

row (oar, line) - roe (eggs, deer)

roll (various) - role

rock (stone, verb) - roc

rocket (plant, firework)

rue (plant, vb of ruth)

room - rheum

root - route

rout - route (military)

sign - sine

site - sight - cite

size (magnitude, glue)

sough - sow

sound (noise, fathom, adj, strait of sea, fish bladder)

sack (bag, plunder, wine)

sallow (willow, pale colour)

sap (of trees, mine)

sum - some

sun - son (+ sunny, sonnie)

sage (plant, adj)

sale - sail

sell - cell

sense - cense

censual - sensual

surge - serge

surf - serf

scent - cent - sent

session - cession

sea - see

seed - cede

seal (animal, sign) - ciel/ceil

seam - seem

sear - sere - cere - seer

serial - cereal

signet - cygnet

cist (box) - cyst

scar (of wound, a rock)

skull - scull

scale (shell, of balance, of stairs [? vb?])

scald (burn) - skald (poet, Norse)

scrub (of shrubs, verb)

sledge (vehicle, s-hammer [& Aussie cricket])

slight - sleight

slay - sleigh

slate (noun, abuse)

slop (puddle, loose garment)

slot (track, bar)

sole (adj, fish [shoe])

sow - sew

saw (tool, maxim, p.t. see) - soar - sore

soil (grounjd, defile, vb, of horses)

spar (mineral, beam, to box)

salter - psalter

source - sauce

spell (incantation, letters, turn of work)

spill (upset, match)

spit (vb, roasting, of land)

spray (drizzle, sprig)

spruce (tree, adj.)

style - stile

stud (nail, of horses)

stake (post, deposit) - steak

step - steppe

stair - stare

stern (adj., of ship)

staeal - steel - stele

steep (adj., vb.)

steer (direst, young ox)

still (tranquil, distil)

stalk (stem, vb.) - stork

story - storey

strand (shore, fibre)

strain (vb & noun, breed)

strait - straight

stroker (a blow, fondle)

stoup - stoop

shed (scatter, shelter)

tart (adj., pie)

time - thyme

tap (to strike, spigot)

tale - tail - [estate in] tail

tender (adj, noun 'attender' [verb])

tent (pavilion, plug of lint n. & vb, wine [& Scots])

tare - tear (verb)

teem - team

tear (eye) - tier

tick (bedding, sheep, clock, credit) - tic

till (cash drawer, until [ground])

tilt (vb 'to make aslant', tourney, of caravan)

tip (top, make to slant, gift)

toe - tow (hemp, to draw a boat)

toll (tax, of bells)

taught - taut - tort

toil (labour, snare)

top (summit, toy)

truck (vehicle, nautical, barter)

trump (box, trumpet, of elephant)

tray - trait

trace (track, harness)

chair - chare

chap (crack, chapman, cheek)

char (burn, fish, -woman)

chop (with hatchet, and change [and waves])

chuck (chick, strike gently [chow])

chase (hunt, enchase, printer's case, groove)

vice (depravity, clench, deputy)

valley - valet

van (front of army, fan, caravan)

vale - veil - vail

vain - vane - vein

won - one

wake (awake, watch, of ship)

wain - wane

waste - waist

wait - weight

wave - waive

well (good, spring)

wee - we

weak - week

ween wean

war - wore [?]

would - wood