Franciscan Order

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The Franciscan Order - its official title is the Order of Friars Minor (Ordo Fratrum Minorum) - is a religious order within the Roman Catholic church. It is a mendicant order, founded in Italy in 1209 by St. Francis of Assisi (?1181-1226), and its members are sometimes known as Grey Friars from the colour of their habits. There are Franciscan nuns as well as Franciscan friars.

A Capuchin friar is a member of a very strict autonomous branch of the Franciscan Order. The Capuchins are so called because of their distinctive large hood or cowl - cappuccio is the Italian word for 'hood'.

Greyfriars (with or without a space between the two words) is sometimes used as a street name, or for other addresses in older towns, where it commemorates a house of the Order. There is, for example, the church of Greyfriars in Edinburgh, a town famous for having got rid of all such Catholic orders during the Reformation. Greyfriars Kirk, on the contrary, was the site of the initial signing of a document of strict protestantism, the Scottish National Covenant, in 1638. The church gave its name to Greyfriars Bobby, a dog famous for loyalty, it having remained close to its master's grave (in the Greyfriars kirkyard) until its own death - for 14 years.
Greyfriars School is a fictional public school, the setting of the Billy Bunter stories by 'Frank Richards'.