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Articles in Hull AWE are classified into categories. (If you are a user of sites such as Flickr,, or various blogs, you will recognize these simply as tags.) When you scroll to the bottom of any article, you will find a line beginning with the word Category: (or Categories). Clicking on one of the blue words that follow this will take you to a brief description of the category, followed by a list of all the articles that belong to it.

This is one way to find more articles related to the current subject. For example, you may be reading about the pronoun 'They'; following the link to Category:Pronouns at the foot of the page will show you a list of all articles in this guide concerning pronouns. Other categories include Category:UK culture, Category:Latin, and so on. You can also browse a complete list of all categories. If you are a teacher of English, or a student learning the language, you may find some of these lists helpful in assembling examples (e.g. Category:Irregular verbs).

It is also true that some categories are mostly for the technical use of the writers of AWE, for whom the classification of irregular verbs introduced by Quirk's great grammar may be more convenient than for most students. Nevertheless, some students may find their interest excited and their knowledge developed by these; and some teachers may find helpful or suggestive material.

Some categories are divided into subcategories. The page about a subdivided category has a list of its subcategories at the top of its list of articles included. A category that is within another category has a category link at the bottom of the page in the same way as a normal article.

More help

See Help:Contents.