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Page for technical details to do with the MediaWiki software that runs this site.

System settings

Stuff we've done to the basic installation of MediaWiki.

  • Tweaked editing permissions. A large chunk of the LocalSettings.php file does the following:
    • prevents editing of all but talk pages by both anonymous users and plain logged-in accounts
    • adds an 'Editor' user group. These users have basic editing rights of articles (approximately equivalent to regular users on Wikipedia: they may edit non-locked articles, move articles, but not delete articles or edit locked or restricted pages)
  • Extension -- this allows quick insertion of characters listed on MediaWiki:Edittools.
  • Various bits of CSS on MediaWiki:Common.css
  • Various interface tweaks in the MediaWiki namespace.


Things we need to do to MediaWiki before we launch the site in September:

Some of these points are expanded below...

Anonymous user rights


The new server


Nice tweaks

Some things that would be nice but aren't essential.