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Thanks for your response re copyright etc. I AM confused (so what's new?).

1. My point is more that I didn't write the leaflets than that it's fully a copyright (hence legal) issue. I suppose that I don't want to get up colleagues' noses by pinching their work; and 2) (ssh!) that I don't want to get some of their more questionable advice onto AWE. So, informally and all, I want you to be aware of the issue (in those terms), and let me know when AWE is grabbing stuff that I didn't write. I should have explained this to you before.

2 The page on Advice leaflets that I have just seen ([[1]] is SPLENDID. It leads me to a further thought: that we should provide links to the material on the Study Advice website rather than trying to rewrite it in wiki form. (This may contradict something I have said before.) What do you think?

3 The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I have had several - reprimands would be too strong a word - tickings off over the past weeks, and want to be ultra careful.

4 SO - my job is to discuss this further with the powers that be over my head. In the meantime, plough on with whatever pleases you. The ones what I wrote include:

   * Academic writing
   * Apostrophes
   * Homophones: some examples
   * Hyphen or dash?
   * Literature reviews
   * Plurals
   * Punctuation
   * Spellcheckers and commonly confused words 

I hope indeed to see you on Tuesday. I shall have done nothing about this before then, as I am off for yet another weekend, culminating in a funeral on Monday from which i will return Monday evening, too late to do anything useful.

My regrets.

PeterWilson 20:51, 20 April 2007 (BST)

Hi Phil.

I snatched a moment Yesterday from tending the sick (Stephanie thanks you for your concern) to look at the wiki. Thanks: you seem to be working hard. I adjusted 'wan' nevertheless.

Thanks for spotting something I never would have. (For a moment, I wanted to delete it, and then I remembered that one of your functions is to catch my aged lack of awareness, and I thought this is actually a good and valuable addition. So I edited it instead.)

This resulted in a couple of thoughts (possibly more, but I have forgotten them). Remember to use the headword (in bold) within the first couple oflines of the artricle - and of course don't direct it to itself [[ ]]. Put in more links, particularly to technical terms of grammar, like adjective. This whole projetc will stand or fall by its cross-linking. In the same way, I added a few more categories. PeterWilson 01:18, 31 March 2007 (BST)

Hi Phil. About redirects -- some of the 'multiple word pages' have dashes instead of hyphens in the title, eg Access – assess – excess instead of Access - assess - excess. The bot chokes on those because they're unicode characters. What's happened here is that I moved the page, which automatically makes a redirect at the old page title. But assess still points to the old page, and so there's a redirect that points to another redirect. You only get redirected the once (becuse otherwise you could make loops by accident). The solution is to fix assess. But that's something I can get the bot to do, based on the list at Special:DoubleRedirects. -- JoachimNoreiko 10:50, 6 April 2007 (BST)