Attribute - attribution (pronunciation)

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The noun 'an attribute', the verb 'to attribute' and its related noun attribution form an example of the way in which stress can vary between different word classes with the same root.

  • The stress on the noun 'an attribute' falls on the first syllable: 'AT-trib-yout' (IPA: /ˈæt rɪb juːt/).
  • The traditional stress in the verb 'to attribute' is on the the second syllable: 'at-TRIB-yout' (IPA: /æ (or ə) ˈtrɪb juːt/). This is the only pronunciation recorded in OED (1885): you are recommended to use it in Higher Education. (There is a secondary pattern recorded in LPD with the stress on the first syllable.)
  • All speakers stress the third syllable in attribution, with a secondary stress on the first: 'at-trib-YOU-shun' (IPA: /ˌæt rɪb ˈjuː ʃən/).

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