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Biopic is a portmanteau word formed from the noun biography and the abbreviated noun pic[ture]. Thus it means 'a biographical [moving] picture', 'a film based on the life of a real person'. The pronunciation recognized in formal British RP, as favoured in British universities, has the primary stress on the first syllable, 'BY-oh-pick' IPA: /'baɪ əʊ ,pɪk/.

Perhaps because it is thought to be derived from the adjective 'biographical', which is pronounced with the stress on the third syllable, 'by-oh-GRAPH-ic-al', IPA: /,baɪ əʊ 'græ fɪk əl/, a habit has arisen of pronouncing biopic to rhyme with 'myopic' ('by-OPP-ic', /baɪ 'ɒ pɪk/.
AWE recommends students to use the pronunciation 'BY-oh-pick' IPA: /'baɪ əʊ ,pɪk/.
This advice is supported by OED and LPD.