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The forename Catriona is a Gaelic version of Katharine. In Scots Gaelic, it is Catrìona or Caitrìona; and in Irish Caitríona. The accents on the Gaelic spellings indicate that in its original languages, it is pronounced 'c't-REE-un-a', IPA: /kə (or æ) ˈtriː ən ə(or æ)/. This is how one might prefer it to be said, despite a recent tendency for English speakers to realize it as 'cat-ree-OWN-a', IPA: /kæt riː ˈəʊn ə/. This appears to be the usual pronunciation in American English

Catriona is a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1893. It is the sequel to the historical novel Kidnapped (1886). Both books are set in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising in Scotland in 1745. The plots centre on the murder of the "Red Fox", Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure, the English-appointed agent of Stewart estates in Scotland. The Appin murder of 1752 is an historical event. Although James Stuart "of the Glens" was hanged for it, he was at most a conspirator. The man who fired the shot has never been identified.