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The name of the spicy Spanish sausage chorizo is pronounced 'chor-EETH-oh' or 'chor-EES-oh' (IPA: /tʃɔ 'riː θɔ/ or IPA: /tʃɔ 'riː sɔ/) in its own language. In British RP, it is more usually realized as 'ker-EETH-oh' or 'ker-EATS-oh' (IPA: /kə 'riː θəʊ or kə 'riː tsəʊ/).

It is also pronounced by some American speakers of English with the first syllable like the English digraph '-ch-', as 'cherr-EETH-oh',/tʃɛ 'riː θəʊ/, 'cherr-EASE-oh' /tʃɛ 'riː səʊ/ or 'cherr-EAZE-oh', /tʃɛ 'riː zəʊ/.