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Divided is one of the 117 mis-spellings listed as 'Common difficulties' in the section on 'Spelling' within 'Writing' in UEfAP.

The verb 'to divide', along with many derivatives such as the noun division and the adjectives divided and [in]divisible, is spelled with two '-i-'s: (divide), up to a maximum of six: indivisibility.

  • The noun and adjective individual, with its three '-i-'s, is derived from the same Latin root, indÄ«vidu-us 'indivisible', 'inseparable'. The word was first used in a similar sense as 'atom', 'the smallest part which can exist', more especially in biological contexts: 'a single member of a species'.
One difficulty of spelling divide etc. may be caused by the common pronunciation in rushed speech, in which the first syllable is realized as a shwa - like the first syllable in decided and derided.