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Euterpe (from Greek εὖ (eu 'well') and τἑρπειν (terpein, 'to please')) is, in Greek mythology, one of 'the sacred nine', the Nine Muses. She is the Muse of music, particularly the flute, and lyric poetry. Her name is pronounced, in English, 'you-TURP-eh', IPA: /juː ˈtɜːr pɪ (or iː)/, although in her native Greek, and in most European languages, she is 'eh-oo-TERP-eh', /e uː ˈtɜːrp e/.

Her name has been used in recent times:

  • in biology, for a genus of palms native to Central and South America;
  • in astronomy, for an asteroid.
Do not confuse Euterpe with Utopia.