Feeling - felling

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It's not unusual for casual typing to double the wrong letter in the combination 'fe_ling', and write felling when one means feeling. The error, which will not be marked by most spellcheckers, may be compounded by the fact that non-native speakers may not be aware of the verb 'to fell'.

  • 'To feel' means to experience, either through touch or through emotion. You can feel the nature of some cloths, or the texture of some driftwood; in the dark, one may feel one's way through a strange house; and one may feel pain, or sorrow, or love, or joy. One can feel someone else's grief, or joy; one can feel for (sympathise) someone else in their misfortunes. The noun feeling is a general term meaning any one of the emotions listed above.
  • 'To fell' is to cut down a tree, or by extension, an opponent in a fight. It means 'to make [someone else or something] fall'.
Both these verbs form an -ing participle and a verbal noun regularly - feeling and felling.

You may also want to seee fall - fell.