Fowler's shifts in stress

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There are many words in English which change their pronunciation when they change their word class, such as contrast, which is 'con-TRAST' (IPA: /kən (or ɒ) ˈtræst/) when it is a verb and 'CON-trast' (IPA: /ˈkɒn træst/) when it is a noun. AWE has a category OF Shift in Stress in which some of these are listed, based on that in Quirk (1985) (Appendix I.56 B). There is also a list in Fowler 1926, s.v. Noun & verb accent, pronunciation, & spelling, which is updated in Fowler 1965 (as Noun and verb accent, pronunciation, and spelling) and in Fowler 1996 (again as Noun and verb accent, pronunciation, and spelling). There is also an article on Noun & adjective accent, similarly updated in both subsequent editions (as Noun and adjective accent). These lists have contributed to AWE's category:Shift of stress, where you may find articles on the individual words concerned. This page is simply to draw attention to some of the changes that are recorded over the three editions.