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In British academic English, furore ('an uproar or excited [noisy] disturbance', or 'a great popular enthusiasm for [a fashion, a person or an idea]') is pronounced with three syllables of which the first is like 'you': 'few-ROAR-eh' (IPA: /fjuː ˈrɔː rɪ/. Purists who know that it is a word imported from Italian sometimes say it in the Italian style, with the first syllable 'foo-' rather than 'few'; but it is always an error in British academic English to say it with only two syllables, 'few ROAR'.

In the US, the two-syllable pronunciation is normal. This is reflected in the spelling, which lacks (by British standards) the final '-e': furor.

But in both dialects, the medical term meaning 'mania' or '[violent] mental disorder' is written without the '-e', and pronounced with the stress on the first syllable: 'FEW-roar', IPA: /fjuː ˈrɔːr/