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Be careful to distinguish between the usual spelling in English, Harold, and the usual form in Scandinavian languages, Harald.

The forename Harold, while not very common in Britain, has been the name of two King Harolds in England, and two twentieth century Prime Ministers: Harold MacMillan (1894–1986; PM 1957-1963), and Harold Wilson (1916–1995; PM 1964-1970 and 1974-1976). A Saint Harold of Gloucester is recorded, an alleged child martyr who died in 1168, claimed to have been ritually murdered by Jews like Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln. Other 'Harolds' that may come to the attention of users of AWE include the playwright Harold Pinter, the literary critic Harold Bloom and Harold Lloyd, the comic actor and star of such films as Safety Last! and The Freshman.

The name is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable: 'HARR-eld', IPA: /ˈhær əld/

Etymological note: Harold was written as Hereweald in Old English. the name is derived from here ('army') and weald ('ruler'). It is cognate with Old Germanic Hariwald and Old Norse Haraldr (modern Scandinavian Harald).
In America, it is sometimes clipped to 'Hal'.