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The current version of AWE uses MediaWiki software. This is the software used in Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" ( This is well known to many students. AWE works in the same way, with one main exception - the edit function.

One limitation on the full MediaWiki software imposed by AWE is that it is not open for ordinary readers to edit each article with full freedom. It probably never will be. Our belief is that those who use the site will want to hear advice that can be followed with some trust; and that, in our view, requires that the content of the guide be provided by teachers. Readers should remember that the guide aims to advise them only, and they are still in charge - they can accept the advice, or reject it.

The Help pages for AWE are not yet complete. You can try for help.

If you do want to improve Hull AWE, send your contributions to us, and we will consider them. See contribute to AWE.