Huddlestone & Pullings, 2002

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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Huddleston, Rodney D. and Pullum, Geoffrey K. (2002) The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, with contributions from John Payne, Anita Mittwoch, Peter Collins, Peter G. Peterson, Gregory Ward, Betty Birner, Lesley Stirling, F. R. Palmer, Laurie Bauer, Geoffrey Nunberg, Ted Briscoe, David Denison; Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
This is a very thorough scholarly Grammar, to be compared with Quirk, 1985. It has 1860 pages of very precise and detailed analysis. Do not confuse it with some other publications, such as
Carter, Ronald and McCarthy, Michael (2006) Cambridge Grammar of English: A comprehensive guide: spoken and written English grammar and usage, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press - a 984 page reference grammar.
and various teaching grammars, such as
Hewings, Martin (2009) Cambridge Grammar for CAE and Proficiency with answers and Audio CDs (2), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
Hashemi, Louise and Thomas, Barbara (2006) Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate: with answers and audio CD, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (216 pages).
Hopkins, Diana (2007) Cambridge Grammar for IELTS without Answers, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (248 pp).