List of Biblical Apocrypha

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Here is the list of books in Peake's Commentary on the Bible (abbreviations) as belonging to the Apocrypha in the Bible. Precision in the matter of the books described as apocryphal is not possible, as it is disputed among different faith groups. The order given here is that of the Authorised Version.

Name Peake Abbrev. OED Abbrev. Fuller title Notes
The Rest of Esther Ad. Est. (Est.) Additions to Esther 10:4 - 16:24 of the Vulgate Book of Esther
1 Esdras 1 Esd. 1 Esd. The first Book of Esdras or 3rd Esdras - Esther in the AV OT, being 1 Esdras in the Vulgate
2 Esdras 2 Esd. 2 Esd. The second Book of Esdras or 4th Esdras - Nehemiah in the AV OT, being 2 Esdras in the Vulgate
Tobit Tob. Tobit Tobit The story of Tobias and the Angel is told here about Tobit's son
Judith Jdt. (none)
Wisdom Wis. Wisd. The Wisdom of Solomon
Ecclesiasticus Sir. (none) Ecclesiasticus or the Book [or Wisdom] of Sirach
Baruch Bar. (none) Baruch The AV divides the Vulgate Baruch into 2
Jeremy (none) (none) The Epistle of Jeremy the second part of the Vulgate Baruch
Song of the 3 Children S 3 Ch. (none) Song of the Three Holy Children part of the Additions to Daniel, Vulgate Daniel 3:24-90
Susanna Sus. Sus. Story of Susanna Vulgate Daniel ch. 13
Bel and the Dragon Bel Bel & Dr. The Idol Bel and the Dragon Vulgate Daniel ch. 14
Manasses Man. (none) Prayer of Manasses or Manasseh
1 Maccabees 1 Mac. 1 Macc. The first book of Maccabees Vulgate Machabaeorum
2 Maccabees 2 Mac. 1 Macc. The second book of Maccabees Vulgate Machabaeorum