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If you make a list, be sure to write each item in the form of the same grammatical structure. List nouns with other nouns, verbs with other verbs and so on. In particular, when you use a bulleted or numbered list, have every item of the same type. Don't, for example, say: 'We need:

  • ammunition, (a noun)
  • to attack, (a verb) and
  • men (a noun).'

Your meaning is clear, but your English is not academic.

In a similar way, punctuate bulleted and numbered lists consistently. If the first item ends with a comma, all the other items should end with a comma as well - except the last, which needs a full stop.

When you punctuate a list which is not bulleted or numbered, be careful to use and (or or) between the last two items. The earlier items should be separated by a comma (,) or semicolon (;), the semicolon where each item has many words.