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Melpomene (from Greek Μελπομένη (Melpomene, 'singer of beautiful songs') is, in Greek mythology, one of 'the sacred nine', the Nine Muses. She is the Muse of tragedy, and, earlier, of singing (Greek tragedy was in essence choral). Her name is pronounced, in English, 'mel-POMM-in-i (or ay)', {{IPA|/mɛl ˈpɒm ən ɪ (or e)/.

Her name has in modern times been used:

  • in biology, for Melpomene brevipes, a fern;
  • in astronomy, for an asteroid;
  • in the Royal Navy for seven HMS Melpomenes, five sold (1815, 1821, 1875, 1905 and 1913) and two broken up (1921 and 1948).