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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Merriam-Webster is a name much used to refer to the family of dictionaries descended from An American dictionary of the English language (1828) by Noah Webster (1758-1843) and published by the firm of G. and C. Merriam Co., of Springfield, Massachusetts, who acquired the copyright on his death in 1843. Although the words 'Webster' and 'Webster's' have been declared to be generic terms for 'dictionary' by the US courts, and are thus to be found in the titles of many dictionaries, AWE's advice to British students is to avoid this usage. As a rule of thumb, Merriam-Webster should be treated as the most reliable 'brand' of dictionaries under the name of 'Webster'.

A Merriam-Webster dictionary of English is available on line at

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