Table of personal pronouns

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The following is a table of personal pronouns in English showing their different cases. This may help readers who have problems with cases of pronouns after prepositions.

Subjective Objective Possessive Independent Possessive Reflexive
1st person singular I me my mine myself
2nd person singular you you your yours yourself
(In older English) thou thee thy thine thyself
3rd person singular: masculine he him his his himself
3rd person singular: feminine she her her hers herself
3rd person singular: neuter it it its its itself
1st person plural we us our ours ourselves
2nd person plural you you your yours yourselves
(In early Middle English) ye ʒē (In OE ēowic) you (In OE ēow) your (In OE ēower)
3rd person plural they them their theirs themselves
impersonal one one one's -- oneself

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