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Grammar course TOC:

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Material from leaflets

These couple of paras could do to be worked in somehow:

Grammar, in the sense used in these Study Advice Services Guides, is a description of how a language works. They are, in practice, about academic writing in English. The grammar of spoken English and informal written English is often different in detail from that of academic English; but to write a full description of the English Language in some of its varieties took Professor Randolph Quirk and his team 1,779 pages. Our Guides are for beginners, and are therefore short (and incomplete).
(There are other senses of 'grammar' for which the Guide may be useful - for example, Prescriptive Grammar, or how to write or speak a language 'correctly', particularly in an academic context. My own belief is it is not necessary to know the theory of Grammar in order to write correctly, any more than you need to know Sports Science in order to be able to run. But it can help to explain corrections if you know the terminology - and it is hard to understand the terminology without some knowledge of the theory.)

Articles to add

Articles to eventually include in the grammar course (at least, they were tagged as such as should be considered for inclusion):