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This is a template page.
  • Text on this page (excluding this bit) can be included on other pages with this wiki syntax: {{Glyph}}.
  • Use 'What links here' to see which pages use this template.
  • For help using templates, see Project:Templates.

This template displays a BIG box with some text on the right of the page. This is meant to be used for pages that discuss a special character or punctuation symbol, to give an example.

The text it uses is either:

  • the name of the including article: add to the top of the article:
  • the first template parameter: add to the top of the article:
{{glyph|whatever you want in the box}}

So, if the page is actually called the character. eg "&", use without parameter. If the page is called "Ampersand", give the character as a parameter.