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Terpsichore (Τερψιχὸρη, from Greek τερπειν (terpein) 'to delight [in]' + χορὸς‚ (choros) 'dance') is, in Greek mythology, the Muse of dance, and the dancing of the Chorus of a Greek tragedy. Her name is pronounced, in English, 'turp-SICK-or-eh', IPA: /ˌtɜːrp ˈsɪ kər ɪ/. The adjective terpsichorean (from her name) is a common way (at least in formal discourse) of referring to dancers and dancing, particularly of a formal sort, such as ballet.

In modern times, her name has been used for:

  • an asteroid;
  • five vessels called HMS Terpsichore in the Royal Navy, of which three were broken up (in 1830, 1866 and 1966), and two were sold (in 1766 and 1914).