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I'm working for user:PeterWilson. My main area of focus right now is importing all the quarry material. After that, the things I want to look at include:

I am the User:UngrammBot's cruel and unusual master.


notes july 27

ARticles to maybe merge:

Notes july 5:

Relative pronoun -- 'that'?

Notes July 2:

Notes for June 15:

  • Go through all categories with < 5 members; delete some?

Notes June 4

Notes for today:

  • "THE" spellchecker -- change to 'spellcheckers'
  • / vs [ in transcription? Answer: we won't ever be using [] in transcription, at least not in the perceivable future.
  • remove 1st person when seen

Notes for whenever 'today' is:

At home


the trawl

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