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I don't know if this is better than e-mail... Nor do I know how you got the wiki to tell me I had a message from you, and then show it. So I hope you get this.

Suggestion/request: On the &&& Articles to be written and &&& words for new articlespages (as well as the Quarry page?, to which I've made an edit), add an instruction that any new text article include the 'Work in Progress' template - which I've forgotten how to use...

The mail I sent to Patrick & you this morning included a thought about a specific user group with hidden messages. This is a facility that will to some extent replace the clumsy &&& convention, that I only used originally to keep stuff at the top of the 'All articles' list, and then became an unsatisfactory kind of 'this is metatext and not for casual users' label.

I need instruction in messaging, templates etc. See you Tuesday.

PeterWilson 10:01, 18 March 2007 (GMT)

Hi Joachim.

I'm probably doing this the hard way, but the only way I could figure to add to your talk page was to edit the URL by hand then edit it as a normal page. Is there an easier way?

I wanted to ask your advice on redirects. Please take a look at assess and tell me, if you know, why a new page for access - assess - excess has been created by the redirect rather than simply linking to the existing page.

Phil 23:20-ish 5 April 2007 (GMT)

I got your orders about not breaking the category link. I looked at the recommended stuff on the editors' page.

Alas, I am none the wiser. What have I done? Sorry if I've done it again.

See you later.



Joachim - well done to remove the "'Figures of Speech' category" page: it's a fossil, of a warning from early says. Can't remember the details now, but they're not important now. In general, you seem to be going great guns in ways I haven't the time to follow up in detail. Thanks.(Also, well spotted that I have been very interrupted on consonants. I guess that your habits of following wiki work are such that I haven't developed.)

[I have just had to edit this page as, not for the first time, my computer has decided to enter some text in Arabic letters... most odd. I think I've brushed a key that switches on the Syrian Arabic system I have got installed...]

PeterWilson 06:50, 17 June 2007 (BST)


Hi - there's a redirect page from this which doesn't explain it to me, an innumerate. ° I'mhappy with; but there is no mention of what the  might mean. This must be you or Josie; can you put it right?

PeterWilson 12:19, 17 December 2007 (GMT)