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This category is designed to hold articles that make use of the research in Understanding English Spelling. Masha Bell's book lists and tabulates words whose irregular spelling makes reading and writing in English harder than that in most European languages for children to learn. (Other languages are much more regularly phonetic in their spelling, and therefore easier to learn.) Bell hopes that her book "will be of help predominantly to teachers and parents of [British] children who fail to get off to a quick start at the age of five; and to older and foreign students..."

Awe is using this research in the hopes that it may be of interest to those students, particularly those who are, being older AND foreign, are entering, or seeking to enter, Higher Education in the UK; and above all that its grouping of words may be helpful to their teachers.

Understanding English Spelling contains at its heart a list, drawn from a total corpus of 6800 words, of "3695 common Englsh words containing one or more graphemes that are not predictable or rule-governed" - the ones whose spelling, not being 'predictable', has to be learnt by heart by those who want to be considered good spellers. These words are then grouped into some 70 Tables of words that are hard to read (summarized in an alphabetical list of 2032 words, pp 195-200), and 86 Tables of words that are hard to spell (summarized in the main alphabetical list, pp 262-271).

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