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The adjective contemporary (which is also used substantively - see also contemporaneous - contemporary), with its adverb contemporarily, can give difficulty with its pronunciation - as indeed can temporary and temporarily.

  • It is written with five syllables, con- + -tem- + -por- + -ar- + -y.
    • Careful speakers, speaking carefully, realize all five, with the stress on the second, IPA: /kɒn 'tɛm pə rə rɪ/.
    • A realization with four syllables, 'con-TEMP-or-y', IPA: /kɒn 'tɛm pə rɪ/, is also common, even in formal educational contexts.
    • In careless, rushed or casual colloquial speech, this is often further reduced to three syllables: 'con-TEMP-ry', IPA: /kɒn 'tɛm prɪ/.
      • The same, broadly, is true of the adverb contemporarily - with an extra final syllable -ly in all cases.
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