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There are also various informal nouns of this appearance. 'A do' may be:
  • 'a social gathering', 'a party', or some kind of pre-arranged event, like an entertainment or a military engagement. Its plural is properly 'dos', but both singular and plural should be avoided in academic writing;
  • 'a cheat', 'a deception' - also to be avoided in academic writing;
  • (usually plural) in such phrases as 'fair dos' (sometimes 'fair doos', 'fair do's' or 'fair does') it means 'dealing', 'treatment' - also to be avoided in academic writing;
    • in the singular, a fair do may mean 'a success', especially in Australian English
  • in the plural phrase dos and don'ts, 'dos' means 'the things that one is supposed to do', as opposed to the things which one is supposed not to do.
Do is an alternative spelling for doh, the name for the key-note in sol-fa musical notation. (However it is spelled, it is a homophone of 'dough', IPA: /dəʊ/.)