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Note that there are different pronunciations of words written as grave. The different meanings current in Present-day English are:

  • When the word is pronounced to rhyme with 'save' and 'wave' IPA: /greɪv/, it may be:
    • a noun meaning the place, or hole, where a dead person is buried. Cemeteries are sometimes known as graveyards.
    • an adjective meaning 'solemn' or 'serious' or 'heavy'.
    • a verb, more or less obsolete except in the compound engrave, meaning 'to create a picture, ornament or inscription etc by cutting into a hard material.'

ː::Etymological note:This word, in the sense of 'cutting into the earth', is connected with the noun above, meaning a 'burial place'.

  • when it is pronounced with the same vowel as 'large' and 'bath' (IPA: /ˈgrɑːv/), it may be:
    • a noun naming a type of Written accent - the ` used in French (where it is pronounced with two syllables, 'GRAHV-uh', IPA: /grɑː və/), Italian (where it is pronounced 'GRAHV-eh', IPA: /grɑː ve/), and other languages.
    • a representation of an obsolete German aristocratic title, the equivalent of 'Earl' or 'Count', sometimes written as graf. It is often found in such combinations as Landgrave and Markgrave.