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Gaul is the adapted transliteration of the Latin name Gallia, a region of western Europe inhabited by Celtic tribes which became a Roman province in the last two centuries before the Common Era, and the corresponding adjective gallus, an inhabitant of the region.

Julius Caesar wrote an account of the final subjugation of Gaul in De Bello Gallico (On the Gallic War), a record of his military activities in Gaul in 58-52 which finally defeated the Gauls.
The coq gaulois (Gallic rooster) is the historical emblem of France, used as a badge in several sporting contexts such as Rugby union football. The formal biological name for the species of the domestic fowl is Gallus Gallus Domesticus; it belongs to the order Galliformes. Both these terms are derived from Latin gallus ('cock'), which may have only a coincidental relationship with Gallus, an inhabitant of Gaul.
  • It was used as the name of the Hull trawler the FV Gaul, which was lost in 1974.