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Orange may be one of two nouns, which are not connected etymologically; and on adjective.

  • The common noun orange is a citrus fruit, Citrus ×sinensis, the sweet orange, or Citrus aurantium, the bitter or marmalade orange. (Botanists may have more detail.)
    • The orange has a characteristic colour. This gives us the adjective (with substantive uses ornge to name that colour.
  • The proper noun Orange is a political term. It denotes the ruling family of the Netherlands, which has provided one British King - William III - 'of Orange'.
Etymological note:William III - 'King Billy' - was a champion of protestants in Ireland, who still organize in the Orange Order, and parade in orange(-coloured) sashes in respect for his memory. The Dutch football team too wears orange strip, and orange is a colour associated with all meanings of the Orange house. Nevertheless the words are different. The principality of Orange was based in the town of Orange in Provence (in the département of Vaucluse), which was founded in Roman times as Arausio, the name of a local goddess. The name of the fruit (and colour) comes via Arabic nāranj, Persian nārang and Sanskrit nāranga from a Dravidian language. This is an example of metathesis: 'a norange' has become 'an orange'.