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'To cast' is a verb with many meanings. The basic idea is the same as 'to throw', but there are many more: OED lists 83 main meanings, grouped into 13 families. Some particular uses which may be useful to readers of AWE can be found at cast (meaning).

'To cast' is an irregular verb. Its forms are given here:

Base form past tense -ed participle Remarks
cast cast cast
This is one of the "the 250 or so irregular verbs" listed in Quirk 1985. The list "contains most of the irregular verbs in present-day English ... but is not meant to be exhaustive, particularly with regard to derivative verbs." AWE has copied most of the entries in that list. The verb 'to cast' belongs to Quirk's Class 5
The derivatives broadcast, forecast, miscast, overcast, recast and telecast are inflected according to the same pattern - Quirk's class 5, 'verbs where all three parts are identical'. It is an error occasionally seen that a writer forms the past tense of a *cast verb with the regular suffix -ed.