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There are two words in English spelled ate - one preferably with upper case A. Thery are different in origin, meaning and pronunciation - and each, confusingly, has two pronunciations in British English.

  • Ate, with the capital, is the name of a goddess worshipped by the ancient Greeks. Called ἄτη· in the original Greek alphabet, the name is pronounced with two syllables: 'EH-ty', IPA: /ˈeɪt iː/, or 'AH-tay', /ˈɑːt ɪ/. Ate is a personification of infatuation or folly, usually divinely inflicted, which ruins men victim to it. She is the goddess of mischief, causing trouble and destruction wherever she goes on the earth, 'treading on the heads of men'.
  • The common word ate is the past tense form of the irregular verb 'to eat'. For how it is said, go to ate (pronunciation).