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Hi Peter. Could you set me as a bureaucrat in addition to a sysop, so I can set up a bot to import pages? You should be able to do this at Special:Userrights. -- JoachimNoreiko 10:11, 9 March 2007 (GMT)

Hi Peter. Regarding notification of a wiki message -- it's automatic. If your 'User talk' page has changed since you last looked at it, you get told.

The thing to do about metatext is to start moving stuff to other namespaces. Namespaces just means means a prefix on a page title, like User:PeterWilson instead of Peter Wilson. There's a small number of these that are predefined in MediaWiki. These include:

  • User: for user pages
  • Template: for templates
  • Help: for help pages. We can aim these at either readers, editors, or both. I'd suggest readers.
  • Project: for pages discussing the project (and help and instructions for editors). This is where we want to move metatextual pages. I don't actually think we need to hide these from casual readers. They won't stumble on them unless they really try; it's not like the content there is confidential. I've moved the 'articles to be written page to Project:Articles to be written. When you get there, you'll notice it's called 'Patrick's wiki:Articles to be written'... but we can write 'project' as the namespace prefix. This is quicker, and means when the 'Patrick's wiki' part changes it won't matter.

-- JoachimNoreiko 11:31, 18 March 2007 (GMT)

Hi Peter. The UngrammBot is beavering away on changing categories. So far it's working splendidly. Meanwhile, here's some things for you to look at:

-- JoachimNoreiko 13:07, 22 March 2007 (GMT)

Lo again. Case in point of what Phil & I were saying the other day: Typing accents in Microsoft Word. This says it's derived from Word 97. That's now 2 (or 3?) versions back. Keeping up with the multiple versions of MS Word that exist, not to mention Word on the Mac, students who take to using Google's free word processor and so on is too big a task. As far as software that's installed on the uni's own systems, it's really the job of the computer centre to provide this sort of information, not ours. -- JoachimNoreiko 15:01, 24 March 2007 (GMT)


Hi Peter. Making a start on the grammar leaflets.

On Conjunction you say: Co-ordinating conjunctions form a closed class. Is that true also of subordinating? You don't say either way. -- JoachimNoreiko 11:49, 6 April 2007 (BST) WHile you're there, could you check the table please? I can't tell it's supposed to look, and I don't remember what technically counts as the entire subordinate clause ...

I've only glanced at this - and the course. I had started on the COURSE (word classes - semantic words), but got very bogged down in other things, and so have neglected it. You may be right in suggesting it was procrastination; but I think it's a question of prioritisation. I'll look more fully at your bit over the weekend, and on Tuesday at the latest. Suggestion to you: to avoid crossing wires, work on the Verbs leaflet, and categorise most of it as [ [ verb attributes] ]. Then you can write a new page on transitive, etc, and we'll see how that goes.PeterWilson 19:45, 6 April 2007 (BST)

category link

Hi Peter! The bit I was referring to is explained on AWE:Categories -- sorry I didn't have time to go into detail last night. Basically, if you write a link for Category:Something, anywhere in the text of a page, that is taken by the system to be a category for that page. So if you write: see [[Category:Thing]] for more, all you will see is "see for more", and the page is listed as being in Category:Thing. Here's the relevant advice from AWE:Categories:

To link to a category page without classifying the current page, prefix the page name with a colon: [[:Category:Example]].

See you this afternoon. -- JoachimNoreiko 08:29, 20 April 2007 (BST)

Leaflets and copyright

Hello Peter.

Regarding the leaflets that I converted: I was under the impression that all of the SAS web content was University of Hull copyright and that this wouldn't be a problem because AWE is a University of Hull project (I reasoned this because of the proposed move to university server hosting). I'm putting up the intro page for leaflets now but I won't link to any of them until you confirm which ones (if any) we can legally use. I'll come in to see you next Tuesday and you can explain the situation to me then if I don't hear from you earlier.



Hi Peter. Some things for you to look at if you have time:

July 3